August 21, 2011

Kindle freebies

I love my Kindle, and I love how many free books I'm able to add to it. My favorite source for finding out about free books is Pixel of Ink.

They've recently posted about several non-fiction titles related to education and homeschooling/afterschooling. You can find Pixel of Ink's pages tagged homeschool or education to see individual posts about the books they have tagged in each category.

Several of the educational Kindle books I downloaded recently include:
(I also grabbed The Everything Guide to Algebra by Christopher Monahan during the limited time it was free, but it is back to the regular price now.)

Note: Free Kindle book deals can change at any time without notice, so make sure the Kindle price says $0.00 before you click Buy. If you see something you are even a little interested in or think you might be able to use another time or when your student is older, be sure to "buy" it when it's free!

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