September 9, 2011

project-based learning

GeekMom has an interesting post about project-based learning—a form of afterschooling.

Gina Clifford, the post's author, said:
Child-led project-based home learning is most similar to unschooling in that there are no tests, no teachers, no homework, no grades, no desks, no worksheets, no schedules, and no set curriculum.  Instead, there is a project, chosen by the child and supported by the parent. However, when math or physics is needed, learners take time to learn the formulas, arithmetic, and methods applicable to the project.  This on-the-job approach makes the fact-based portion of learning much more relevant and interesting. Best of all, project-based inquiry provides many opportunities for deep learning on a topic.
Do your children do project-based home learning? What types of projects are they working on?

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